Measuring Digital Marketing ROI

In the past, when newspaper ads, mailers, magazine ads, massive billboards, and other traditional marketing mediums were the only channels to advertise. Measuring the marketing return on investment (ROI) was difficult and typically created tensions between the sales and marketing departments because each believed they should receive recognition for the increase in revenue.

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know your perfect customer and develop a buyer persona

Build a Buyer Persona in less than 5 minutes

Most business owners, sales managers, and sales professionals strongly believe they have a firm grasp on their ideal buyer. In most cases, they are correct. But, this knowledge was obtained over years, if not decades of experience working in the industry, market, selling to prospects, managing customer accounts, and held in their brain. Now, we both know that everyone in your company does not have all this information at their disposal. This is why developing a buyer persona is extremely important to the overall success of your sales and marketing.

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Arts Cube Effective Marketing

5 Simple Steps to Make Marketing Easier

Online sales are constantly increasing, making website marketing one of the most important parts of your marketing plan.Creating a buyer persona helps you determine your marketing audience and where you should market your product. Inbound marketing is how you entice customers to your site and to hopefully convert a click to a sale. This means that the content on your site must be relevant and helpful to the person you just attracted to your site. A marketing agency does just this: creates marketing strategies tailored to your product and the person you want to attract.

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How to Add New User to Facebook Company Page

Your inbound agency just closed a new deal and as an account manager, you will be managing and publishing old and new content on the new clients Facebook page. Connecting your social media channels in HubSpot is part of the technical setup standards.

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3 Simple Steps to Increase Visibility in Local Market

3 Simple Steps to Increase Visibility in Your Local Market

Have you been caught off guard after finding out your website doesn't show up in your local market when you search for your services? We know a lot of business owners that aren't even sure if their website appears in Google Search results for their local market.

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Lead Generation for Shredding Companies

Shredding Companies Are Transitioning to Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a good way to drive traffic to your document shredding business. The concept is easy, but it must be done well for it to work properly. Inbound marketing means that your customers come to you instead of you chasing them down. The basics are to know your audienceβ€”which is nearly anyone since everyone must shred sensitive documents at some point. However, some may only shred sensitive documents around tax time and others may need your services throughout the year. Businesses may need your services on a weekly or monthly basis.

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Arts Cube Blog Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing? Digital Marketing Definitions

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a way to rise above the noise of traditional marketing. It focuses less on direct advertising and more on providing your audience with the valuable information they need to connect to your brand. So instead of bragging about your amazing discounts, you might strive to start a conversation with your audience about what types of discounts they love. When you focus on content digital marketing, you have a way to reach out to online searchers who will benefit for your product or service! Content marketing does more than just find a direct pathway to your audience though, it can also drive profits in ways you can't even imagine.

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Uncovered Strategies Behind Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing should be a priority for your business. It is how you will draw customers to your site and attract prospects to discover your website. It involves creating helpful, relevant content that adds value and engages your blog and website visitors, leading to conversions. However, it’s more than just throwing up a few links and writing a few posts. You need to know the types of marketing strategies (inbound or otherwise) that make it work for you. This will get you started with an inbound definition and a little direction.

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