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5 Simple Steps to Make Marketing Easier

Online sales are constantly increasing, making website marketing one of the most important parts of your marketing plan.Creating a buyer persona helps you determine your marketing audience and where you should market your product. Inbound marketing is how you entice customers to your site and to hopefully convert a click to a sale. This means that the content on your site must be relevant and helpful to the person you just attracted to your site. A marketing agency does just this: creates marketing strategies tailored to your product and the person you want to attract.

Simple Steps to Market Effectively to Your Consumers

Marketing companies such as Art’s Cube use a known formula to market to your consumers. Once you attract a consumer to your website, you have to engage the consumer—make the consumer look around and become interested—and then delight the consumer so that he or she will make a purchase. Learning how to market is more than throwing some blog posts and links together.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Companies that provide marketing services have learned that you can’t just slap a blog together with a bunch of keywords and links. The search engine algorithm changes over time. It now requires quality content and quality links in each post or you’ll find your page several pages into a search. If you tailor your site for search engine optimization or SEO, you’ll find yourself on that coveted first page of search results.

2. Add a Bonus

Adding an unexpected bonus to each sales transaction helps keep your customer from backing out at the very last minute, leaving a shopping cart full as they turn tail and head out the door. The bonus doesn’t have to be expensive or large, but it should be something that your customer will use frequently. If it’s not something that is usable by your customer, it’s just going to end up in the trash if you make the sale.

3. Make Buying Easy and Affordable

If possible, eliminate choices. If you have to have choices, make sure there are as few as possible and that every choice is clear in what you are offering. This makes it easy for the consumer to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ And, add in the lowest cost for the product or service. For example, if you are offering a subscription for $500 per year, that $500 seems like a lot of money. Break it down to “Just $1.37 per day.”

4. Create Eye-Catching Headlines

Many people click through an ad to a website only to leave after a few seconds. If they don’t see something that catches their attention, they’re on to the next site. Creating eye-catching headlines makes consumers stop and glance over the headlines. If the headlines pique their interest, they’ll read more.

5. Test and Evaluate

Use 80 percent of your budget for tried and true promotions. Use the balance of your budget for trying new variations of what is working to see if you can garner more business. When markets are highly competitive, you have to stay ahead of the pack, and this is one way to do that.

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