Website Redesign

New website design - where to start.

Your website should be thought about as another salesperson who deals exclusively in the digital realm. This is often the first interaction that your future customers have with your company. If your site is mobile optimized, then you will have some thinking to do, but if your site is not optimized then you are in definite need of a new design or at least some updates.

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Website Health: How Is Your Overall Website's Health?

You just redesigned your website 1, 2, 3 years ago… Do you know how healthy it still is? When was the last time you looked at every public-facing page? Do you know how much data is being transmitted just to load an individual page? A website that is not healthy is more than likely hurting your rankings and your companies bottom line.

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Why You Need A Website For Your Business

In most cases, the first place someone looks for an answer to a question or problem is on the internet. Society's need for instant gratification dictates that it has to have an answer right now. Not in five minutes, not in five seconds. Right now. Building a website for your business answers society's need for instant gratification. Those who are looking for a product you offer will visit your web page. Those looking for a solution will visit your blog – and eventually, your web page.

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