Website Health

Website Health: How Is Your Overall Website's Health?

You just redesigned your website 1, 2, 3 years ago… Do you know how healthy it still is? When was the last time you looked at every public-facing page? Do you know how much data is being transmitted just to load an individual page? A website that is not healthy is more than likely hurting your rankings and your companies bottom line.

Your website’s health incorporates a multitude of things and depending on your website's platform (i.e. WordPress, Shopify, etc) and the abilities of your webmaster some things may not be able to be fixed. Items that are detrimental to the health of your site can be as obvious as broken images but most of the items that are hurting your search rankings are not as obvious. Items that we commonly run across that are not obvious to the website owner are mobile optimization, images with large file sizes, and unused code. Some of these items can be fixed quickly but others can take hours (very tedious). 

Where do you start?

Giving your website a checkup is very easy and there are a plethora of tools available to help. There are free tools such as Google’s Page Speed Insights and paid tools such as SE Ranking, each look at different depths of your website. When it comes to what tool you should use, we live by the quote of “You get what you pay for”. Most free tools will give you some information but may not lead you to what you need to fix exactly.  After getting your report you have to ask yourself do I know enough to be able to fix this or do I need help.



If you decide to make the fixes to your website yourself, remember to check the health of your site again in a month or two since there will be updates made to your site along with changes to search engine algorithms that will change the importance of fixes to your website. If you need help or would like a free website report contact us below.