paid advertising has an average roi of 200 percent

Digital Marketing 101

Plenty of information can be found about digital marketing and its return on investment (ROI); and there is not a solution that is one size fits all. A lot of variables must be considered such as the type of campaign (brand awareness, referral, lead nurturing, etc.) , duration (one week, one month, one year, etc.), the marketing channel(s) (social, email, paid ads, etc.), and key performance indicators (KPI's) to truly understand if your digital strategy is paying dividends.

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Total Conversions vs Hour of Day

Best Hours for Google Ads in the Pest Control Industry

Advertising on Google Search with Google Ads for a pest control company is a challenging endeavor. Selecting the right keywords at the right hour of the day makes the difference for a limited budget, and, converting the right visitors at the right time.

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