Generating Inbound Leads for Shredding Company

Generating Inbound Leads for Shredding Companies Online

We preach that your website should be your best sales-person. It's the only online channel that you completely control. But does your website generate sales qualified leads?

If you're a marketing director for a shredding company, this is for you. Many shredding service providers are transitioning to the inbound methodology and you should too!

More than likely, your company depends on lead generators, like Shred Nations, to grow your sales pipeline. And you probably already have a website, that isn't producing at the level you want.

Maybe it's time to step back, analyze your strategy, and re-configure your approach to lead generation.

Start with a buyer persona

Every market is different, but they all contain a person or organization that requires your shredding service. Typically, the organization is a law firm, medical institution, or an accounting firm that is regulated by state and federal law to protect and destroy their customer's confidential information.

Your buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of the persons or organizations that actively buy your product or service.

Assuming you have clients already, re-visit your database and find out what your ideal customer looks like.  Is it a local law firm? Maybe a medium sized accounting firm that requires monthly service two miles from your headquarters and their bins are located on the first floor.

Segment your database to show highest revenue, location, industry, and company size. Your KPI's are more than likely different, but the methodology stays the same. Find out who buys your service with the highest margins, your organization likes to work with them (and vice versa), and can be targeted online.

Research your buyer persona's problems

As a shredding service provider, you know that your buyer persona(s) produce a lot of documents with confidential information. These persons need to store and/or destroy these documents within a given timeframe.

But maybe their biggest issue is finding a mobile shredding provider that will go to the basement and haul up the documents to be shredded onsite, without being charged an arm and a leg.  Give this persona a name and keep them at the top of your strategy when generating marketing messages.

Develop content for your shredding buyer persona(s)

Take these top challenges, that your buyer persona is facing, and develop content that provides a solution to this challenge.

Writing blog posts with solutions to this problem will not only provide your target audience with relevant content but also helps increase your search engine rankings. Learn more about SEO for your shredding company here.

Be transparent in your service offerings

Hopefully, you are using a platform like HubSpot, that will make creating and distributing your content to your target audience easy and efficient. If not, there are many free platforms available.

Develop landing pages with your service offerings focused on providing solutions to your buyer persona(s) biggest challenges that you provide a solution to. These landing pages should be accessible via your blog, social media, Google Ads, or email marketing campaigns with trustable CTA's.

If you do not offer shredding service two towns over, I would not recommend including language that you offer service in your state. Focus on your local market first, then move out.

Develop and implement a local SEO strategy

Search engine optimization is tough and time consuming for shredding service business owners and operators. That's why hiring an agency like ours, Art's Cube, is an attractive and cost-effective solution, allowing you to sale and operate your business without having to learn a new skill.

For those of you looking to DIY marketing, check out how to do SEO for your local market.