SEO for Shredding Company Inbound Strategy

SEO for Shredding Company Inbound Strategy

Generating inbound leads in your local market for your shredding company is essential to business growth. Many shredding companies still bring in the majority of these leads from ShredNations. A handful of other shredding companies are transitioning to inbound marketing.

Shred Nations is an online shredding marketplace designed to make it easier for customers in need of secure document shredding services to find a reliable shredding providers in specific markets. - ShredNations

This organization does a great job of generating sales qualified leads. I've had the privilege of meeting some of the team members at the 2019 NAID Conference.

But what about your website? Are you generating inbound leads to through landing pages, Google Ads, or local SEO strategies?

The biggest problem facing shredding companies is getting organizations and residential customers to the closing tables before the big national brands.

Developing a local SEO strategy for your organization is a great way to get started and crucial to your lead generation success.

Local SEO for Shredding

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and this is what marketers to do make your website rank on Google. Local SEO is when you tighten your geographical marketing strategies to your local market.

If you provide shredding services in city or region of the country, start with your local market and focus on topic clusters based on your services to improve your search rankings on Google.

Given that your are learning how generate more leads from local law firms, accounting firms, and other local businesses that require shredding service. You are advertising "Shredding Services."

When a law firm administrative realizes that the contract with their current shredding provider, she or he more than likely will be looking for a money saving solution. And also a better service provider. Where will that person start, Google. And what will he or she type into Google, 'paper shredding services near me'.

Search Engine Land reports that 82% of smartphone shoppers conduct 'near me' searches. - Source

Shredding service related keywords on the rise

If you are new to this local SEO strategy and a bit hesitant to develop a plan, remember that over 80% of disposable income is spent within 20 miles of a home.

Steps for local SEO

  1. Create a Google My Business page and include your address
  2. Start working with local listing directories
  3. Allow your customers to leave feedback on your Google listing
  4. Develop unique content based on your shredding services
  5. Publish your unique content at a schedule cadence (and stick to it)
  6. Measure your keyword rankings, sessions, and goals in Google Analytics

Distributing your content through your publishing channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and email messages will help spread the word and drive more traffic to your website. And if you have completed some technical SEO on your site, you'll start to see results.

The results can take weeks or even months, depending on the competition in your market. But getting started is your first step of many to ranking on Google with local SEO.

A good strategy, is to include Google Ads while you work on increasing your search engine rankings for your topic clusters.

If you are looking to generate more inbound leads through your website, schedule a time to speak with our team about growing your sales pipeline.