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Email Marketing Services for Paper Shredding Business

Email marketing has tons of benefits if done properly. It generates leads for your business if the email is something that will keep a consumer’s attention. A successful email marketing campaign will have consumers looking forward to the next email. A great email marketing campaign caters to the demographics of your consumers, including age, sex, and location. The best email marketing services for the shredding industry will garner more customers quickly, especially when those emails educate the consumer and touch on a problem the business may have.

A good email service gives you plenty of options, including trying different versions of an email. It also has plenty of statistics to help you see if your email marketing campaign is working its best for you. The most important feature of a good email service is one that allows you to personalize each email you send out without spending hours on the personalization.

Since 95 percent of online consumers use email, creating a marketing campaign with email is one of the best ways to quickly get new customers. The more tailored your emails are, the more customers are you going to attract – and the quicker you will attract those customers to your shredding business.

Email Marketing Services Tailored for Your Business

Part of finding the right content for email marketing is knowing when businesses are looking for shredding services. Common times might be every six months or at tax time for small businesses or maybe weekly, monthly or quarterly for larger businesses. We work with you to determine who your customers are and when they are most likely looking for shredding services. We will help you set up shredding business marketing, including email services, based on your current customer base and a separate campaign for prospective customers.

Marketing for shredding industry should also focus on a mobile design so that the marketing reaches all customers. Current and prospective customers more apt to research shredding on any device, even a smartphone with a small screen, will appreciate email marketing campaigns that are responsive, thus accessible via smartphones and tablets. Tailoring email marketing services to the shredding industry helps convert more people into active customers.

Part of email marketing is having a good website tailored to inbound marketing for shredding businesses. Once you hook a consumer with the email, make the consumer bite the hook with eye-popping website marketing. You want that potential customer to click the contact link, whether it’s to get your phone number or your address to pay you a physical visit so you can reel ‘em in.

The best way to keep a potential customer’s attention is to create landing pages tailored to specific services. If you are advertising to an accountant, a good landing page will be centered around getting rid of old tax records of their customers. You might have another landing page that is directed at a consumer who might need mobile shredding services on a yearly or bi-yearly business and yet another landing page for those who generate thousands of documents on a monthly basis. Making email marketing a successful endeavor is knowing who your customer is and creating content, including landing pages, that tailors to that type of customer.

Contact Art’s Cube

When it’s time to set up a new or better email marketing campaign, contact Art’s Cube. We’ll work with you to determine what type of customers you want to attract to your shredding business and what type of marketing material you should send out to current customers, including specials at certain times of the year.