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Inbound Marketing for Shredding Companies

Inbound marketing is a way for your customers to come to you rather than your having to chase them down. It starts with having all of your ducks in a row online: social media, online content, branding, and communication. Common answers to search queries should be in displayed upfront and more complicated information should be easy to find. Shredding companies may not be glamorous but they are ubiquitous. Almost everyone will need to shred their sensitive documents at some point. Inbound marketing directs people to your company, so they have no choice but to find out more about you.

All Aspects of Inbound Marketing

The first goal of inbound marketing is to attract customers to your company. This starts with creating an engaging and consistent persona that will help shape the rest of your content. For example, is your company known for its environmentally friendly shredding machines? Are you known for your superior customer service? These key traits are a great place to start your inbound marketing persona.

The next step is to convert the interested parties into leads. Once you've hooked a customer with your content, you can direct them toward a page where they can request a quote for their shredding needs.

Once you have their name and contact information, you can use automation software or email marketing to answer their questions and keep in touch with them. Or you can give customers an option for a personal call, so they can explain their situation.

Finally, your next step is to delight your audience. Inbound marketing tools can help you maintain a strong relationship with your clients when used correctly. For example, you can create personalized email lists that offer discounts based on the client's needs.

Applying Marketing to the Shredding Industry

Inbound marketing companies are seeing a solid 1:1 trend no matter what industry they happen to work in. This means that customers are looking for marketing that directly speaks to their specific needs. In other words, if a customer is only interested in shredding documents around tax time, then they only want to be contacted about a special discount before April 15.

Inbound marketing can make it possible to have separate landing pages for your site, depending on what a person searched for. It can help you create custom lists for customers before a text message campaign kicks off. HubSpot, the leading inbound marketing software developer, has focused on creating tools that create a 1:1 ratio for the customer whenever and wherever possible. When you use this software effectively, you'll start seeing more leads turned into sales and higher revenue as a result.

Shredding companies also need to focus on their mobile design, so they can be sure they're reaching people on any device they may search from. Google's mobile-friendly test is a handy way to see just how people are accessing your content. An agency for inbound marketing has to be certain that a person with a 5.5" android phone can see your site as well as a person with a 27" Apple monitor.

Contact Art's Cube

If you're looking for an inbound marketing company that understands the unique needs of a shredding organization, Art's Cube can help. It's our goal to put you back in the driver's seat when it comes to reaching your customers. Your customers have had years of practice ignoring traditional marketing, and they're looking for something new. That's why we use a combination of software and strategy to take your shredding company to the next level. If you have any questions about our approach or any of our services, contact us today to learn more!