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Why Marketing Your Website Is Your Best Asset

With online sales expected to grow exponentially by 2020, website marketing should be one of the more important pieces of your marketing plan and budget. According to, 9 percent of retail sales made in the United States was made online and that number is expected to grow by 12.4 percent by 2020. reports that an April 2017 survey, 40 percent of those using the internet made online purchases several times per month. Of those, 20 percent said they bought products and services online on a weekly basis.

Online Brand Awareness

A website marketing plan includes several factors to bring awareness to your brand. From search engine optimization and social media to a mobile-friendly website and treating your website like a brick-and-mortar store, you need to bring awareness to your brand and manage your brand’s reputation. A website marketing company that provides an SEO link building service and allows you to buy back links cheap is one of the easiest ways to get your brand in front of the eyes that are interested in your products or services.

Once your brand is up and running, you need to manage its reputation. You can do this or have website marketing companies such as Art’s Cube manage your brand’s reputation. Several steps are involved:

  • Know which sites people could leave reviews or otherwise talk about your brand, including Google My Business, TrustPilot, Facebook Business and more.
  • Remove any fake reviews from those that may already be published.
  • Respond to positive reviews. You should even share them on your business’s social media pages.
  • Respond to negative reviews and then take the conversation offline.
  • If you are not using a website marketing company to help manage your brand reputation, assign this to one of your trusted employees to help you with this, as it could take up a considerable amount of time.

Make sure you spend time with your brand reputation as a daily part of your website marketing strategy. Posting positive reviews gets your page out in front of more people and handling negative reviews shows customers that you care about your service or product.

Marketing Your Website

As part of your website marketing strategy, you should employ several actions and become familiar with internet marketing definitions including:

  • Search engine optimization: Increases a site’s visibility in a search engine via keywords on your website.
  • Public relations: Allows you to increase conversion rates and bring more awareness to your brand. You might be a source in an article in exchange for a link back to your website. You have just increased potential hits by the number of people who read that article.
  • Blogging and guest blogging: Blogging on your own site helps to bring people in, but guest blogging on someone else’s site with a link to your page in your biography will bring in even more traffic.
  • Social media: This includes Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media sites. Marketing through these sites is similar to email marketing and can be very effective at driving traffic.
  • Pay per click: Otherwise known as PPC, pay per click is advertising that you pay for—per click—that drives traffic to your website. Pay a certain price for each click on your ad in the search engine to bring the searcher to your website. It’s up to you to convert that interest to sales.
  • Retargeting: A consumer clicks on one of your ad and that ad puts a cookie on the consumer’s computer. When the consumer leaves your website, he or she will start seeing your ads again. About 98 percent of visitors leave without buying something. These ads target those users to make them come back to your website.

Additional marketing might include YouTube videos, word-of-mouth through social media and forums and email marketing. You should use all forms are marketing to get the most eyes on your products and/or services.

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