video describing the biggest f@#! up

My BIGGEST F#@! Up of 2020

It goes without saying as a business owner, partner, or manager you are consistently looking for different avenues to increase revenue, improve customer service, find talented employees, and the list continues to grow. We also depend on professional services we outsource to have β€œour back”.

Now, this doesn’t mean auto-pilot or what’s in your best interest, it simply means they are completing tasks that you either do not have the skill, time, and/or resources to complete.

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Cancer Awareness

Local Veteran and Business Owner Gives Back to the Community

In the last six years, I have become all too familiar with the toll cancer inflicts on the patient, caregivers, family, friends, and the treating doctors. The patient faces the most difficult fight of their life and often times the odds are stacked against them. Caregivers are lost for words and work tirelessly to support their loved one. Families pull together and fall apart over a disease that provides no answers. Friends surround you with love and support during the darkest of days. And the doctors carry the weight of uncertainty with available treatment options and the harsh reality of the patients future.

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