How To Create Google Local Services Ads

At the end of 2020, Google rolled out a new nationwide ad platform for service providers in select industries. This ad platform would come to be known as β€œGoogle Local Service Ads”, a program designed to put the power back in the hands of the advertiser and cut wasted ad spending by 100%. At first glance, it seems crazy for any program to guarantee that every penny of your budget is positively spent; however, Google’s unique approach to the sales pipeline did just that.

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Email Signature Do's and Don'ts

Most small to medium sized companies often overlook the email signatures used by their employees. We are often told that they never thought about it and they never knew it could be used as another tool for sales - more on this later. But, before we get started, you may want to familiarize yourself with the email service provider your company utilizes (G Suite or Outlook) and how to edit the signature (instructions for G Suite or Outlook). Now, let's get started. 

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Adding Users to Google Services

Google offers a variety of products and services for individuals and businesses. Two of the core products we work with are 1) Google Analytics and 2) Google Search Console. Often times we are asked by clients, "how do I add a user to Google Analytics and/or Google Search Console?"

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