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Email Signature Do's and Don'ts

Most small to medium sized companies often overlook the email signatures used by their employees. We are often told that they never thought about it and they never knew it could be used as another tool for sales - more on this later. But, before we get started, you may want to familiarize yourself with the email service provider your company utilizes (G Suite or Outlook) and how to edit the signature (instructions for G Suite or Outlook). Now, let's get started. 


Below are some of the major issues we have encountered with clients, especially with their sales teams emails getting caught in Spam. 

  1. Using more than one image.
  2. Using more than two hyperlinks. 
  3. Letting everyone create their own. 
  4. Adding bunch of useless information. 
  5. Different size text.
  6. Too many colors.


Some of the best email signatures Art's Cube has assisted in creating have the following characteristics.

  1. Organize the signature from top to bottom with the most important information first. 
  2. Include information that adds instant credibility to the company and/or sender. 
  3. Avoid using images. 
  4. If a hyperlink is being used, then it should take the recipient to a page to contact the company or a specific sender. 
  5. Once a email signature template has been created everyone needs to adopt the format. Even if you have email addresses sending auto replies such as a,, etc. 

Example Email Signature

We are not perfect here at Art's Cube, but this signature format works for us: 

Brannon A. Williams, MBA | Managing Partner

Schedule a meeting with Brannon

W: Art's Cube

C: (704) 797 - 1469

The email signature above is very simple, but effective for communicating our primary goal: we want you to contact us. Anyone who receives the email can easily click to book a meeting on my calendar, click to our website, and click to call. 

Another Tool for Sales

From the example above you can see where an email signature can be a very effective way for your sales team to convert more leads into opportunities and revenue for your company. In a culture that is connected 24/7 and bombarded with emails you have to make it easy for your next client to get in touch with your company.