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Why Google Advertising Benefits Your Small Business

According to Wordstream, 2.3 million searches are completed on Google. If that’s not a good enough reason to use Google advertising benefits for your small business, then nothing will be. Setup properly, Google ads could be extremely effective in driving traffic to your website. Google has several tools to help set up your account, including Google keyword planner and Google Adwords Express.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an advertising platform offered by Google.  Here, you can bid on keywords your target audience is actively searching on Google and populate ads linking back to landing pages on your website.

This is a great solution to driving immediate and relevant traffic to your website.  Attracting visitors, converting your visitors into leads, and turning them into paying customers.

If your Google Ads campaign's are targeting the right keywords for your landing pages, your ads will be at the top of the search engine results.  This also may even be shown immediately to someone searching for a product or service like yours.  When you first open a Google Adwords account, you set your Google Ads settings, including keywords and where your ads will be shown.

Getting started with Google Advertising

Before you set up an Adwords account, your website should be up and running and properly optimized for your topic cluster keywords. Google ranks keywords and ads and produces a quality score for your target keywords. 

This means that the keywords you choose in your Adwords account should be focused around the topic cluster discussed on your landing page.

When you are selecting your keywords, start with your services or products.  Think about your buyer persona.  What would he or she type in to find you on Google?  Correspond these "user searches" to the topics discuss on your landing pages.

When you search for something—it can be a phrase or a term—you get a search results page with ads based on your search.  These are the top results on a SERP. 

Google Search Ads Examples

In the image above, the search term is "pest control in mt pleasant nc".  The red arrows indicate Google Ads.

Google’s algorithm looks at the quality of your website, the relevance of the keyword, the quality of your ad, and the topics discussed within the content on your landing pages.

Hence, it is important to make sure that not only does your website have the proper keywords embedded in the content, but that your ads also have the proper keywords that correspond to these target keywords.

When researching keywords you want to bid on, note that higher CPC leads to higher cost-per-conversion.  Take a look at our work with Google Ads in the pest control industry.


Benefits of Free Google Extensions

By using free Google extensions, you will learn more about the keywords you choose and how they are working for you. The extensions will help you maximize Adwords campaigns and ads to make them work best for you—to get you the most traffic to your site based on your keywords.

An extension like the Adwords Performance Grader audits your Adwords account and tells you which campaigns are bringing the most traffic to your site. Another extension is the WordStream Advisor. This app optimizes your accounts for Facebook, Google Adwords and Bing Ads and puts everything in one dashboard so that you can see what is working the best to bring traffic to your site.

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