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How to Effectively Use Paid Advertising

How to Effectively Use Paid Advertising

Part of your advertising campaign is probably using free advertising through social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. However, you should also add these platforms’ paid advertising to your marketing plan. Using paid advertising Facebook places your ads on pages of people that are in certain demographics. Using paid advertising Instagram does the same thing.

If you set up this type of advertising correctly, you are able to drive a lot of traffic to your site—and the more traffic you have, the better chance of converting clicks to sales. You may be asking yourself why you should pay for advertising on social media when you can do it for free—in a nutshell, paid advertising reaches far more people than you can by sharing your posts with friends who may not be interested in your products or services.

Social Media Advertising

Paid advertising on social media works much like pay per click Google advertising in that you pay for each click. When you use social media advertising, you are able to target the customers you want to see your ads, which means that you don’t waste money on clicks by those who are not really interested. Depending on the platform, target based on location, industry, company, job title and other demographics.

Using paid social media also helps with brand awareness because of the type of targeting it employs. Banner ads are often shown, though ads may be text or a combination of banners and text. This type of advertising also allows you to incorporate calls-to-action that are very effective in driving users to your site.

Online advertising companies such as Art’s Cube use many of these formats when advertising your company. Some online advertising examples include:

  • Social media posts with calls-to-action;
  • Blog posts that also end with a strong call-to-action;
  • Guest blog posts with a link to your website in your bio; and
  • Google pay-to-click advertising through Adwords.

Social media advertising and Google advertising are cost-effective in that the cost per click isn’t overly high and, because of how your ads are targeted, they bring those who are interested in your product or service to your website. In addition to promoted posts by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also allow you to set up an advertising campaign. Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube also provide advertising.

Facebook will also remind you to “boost your post” to help drive traffic to your site. When you boost a post, you set a budget that could be as little as a couple dollars to as much as you want. You also select the appropriate demographics so that your post is shown to those most likely to purchase your products or services.

Contact Art’s Cube

If you are ready to jump start your advertising campaign to get your service or product in front of thousands of people, contact Art’s Cube. We will help you go through the steps to start a successful advertising campaign, including:

  • Helping you with social media accounts to advertise your business, including Google My Business, TrustPilot, Facebook Business Page, Yelp and more.
  • Help you go through any reviews that are already published to sort through and respond appropriately to positive and negative reviews.
  • Show you how to take the conversation for a negative review offline and handle it so that the customer is happy—hopefully, happy enough to change the negative review to a positive review.
  • Set up a website if you don’t have one, or revamp your current website.
  • Add appropriate keywords for your website.
  • Set up Google Adwords and the keywords to drive potential customers to your website.
  • Set up social media advertising.
  • Set up a blog with appropriate blog posts to drive people to your website.

We’ll set up a package to fit your budget to get as many potential customers to your site as possible. Read through some of the articles on our pages and blog to learn more about Google advertising and social media paid advertising.