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What is Email Marketing? Digital Marketing Definitions

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is about your customer. Not you, not your business, not your product. Done correctly, email marketing is not spam and an email marketing agency could generate tons of leads and converted leads for your business. A good marketing campaign provides valuable and relevant information to help your customers make a decision to purchase goods or services – hopefully from you.

If you send information that customers are able to use, they will look for your email in the hundreds of emails that hit their inboxes every day. Sending an email that is hastily put together isn’t going to get you anywhere – the email needs to be compelling so that it doesn’t end up in the virtual round file.

Email marketing is only effective if it’s used responsibly. If you send too many emails over a certain period of time, the customer is likely to just delete those emails. Or they may even report them as spam. If you constantly send emails without information your customer finds useful, the customer will also start deleting the emails without reading them.

How to Do Email Marketing

Creating an email marketing strategy is not something that you can do in a few minutes or even a few hours. You must take many things into consideration, including your customer base. Your marketing emails for widget A should be different based on whether you are marketing to someone in their 50s versus someone in their 20s because the two age groups may use that product for two very different reasons.

Age group isn’t the only thing that you should consider. You should know all of your customers’ demographics. They will help you determine which products should be advertised to the different parts of your customer base.

Once you figure out how to write an appeal to certain demographics of your customer base, you then need to create a responsive design and add some personalization and imagery. Because 67 percent of consumers read emails on mobile devices, the design must be responsive. What looks beautiful on your computer screen may look like a garbled mess on a phone or tablet. You can check to see if your web page and email are mobile friendly by using Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. Simply plug the link into the box and Google will let you know if your content is mobile friendly.

As for personalization, you want to speak directly to the prospective customer. Address your customer by his or her name. Write directly to that customer to make him or her feel like he or she is a personal friend. Build a relationship with the customer. And, if that customer responds to your email marketing campaign, especially by email or a phone call, and asks you questions, it’s imperative that you respond.

Imagery is also important. First, we can’t think of one person who wants to read a huge block of text. Breaking the text up with images that catch the readers’ eyes draws them in to read the email – the image should make your customer want more information. And, if you do have a larger section of text, use white space to break it up. It’s difficult enough to read a block of text on a computer, never mind a smaller device such as a phone or tablet.

Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing examples are good to follow as long as they keep to the basics of email marketing, including building a relationship with your base, bringing awareness to your brand, linking to product marketing and generating and nurturing leads. For example, if you are a logger and are looking for more customers, you might send emails with information about safe logging and green logging. Many people do not realize that no logging is just as bad as logging too much. Use trigger events to benefit your business. A trigger event for a logger might be the recent fires out west. Some people believe that global warming is the cause; however, research shows that the mismanagement of forests is the biggest problem. Educating people often garners new leads and leads that convert to action.

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Art’s Cube provides email marketing services and other digital marketing services that are designed to generate leads. Using social media sites and email marketing are all important to generate leads. We also know all of the email regulations you should follow so as not to be blacklisted as a spammer, including CAN-SPAM compliance and GDPR Compliance. According to Brian Halligan, HubSpot CEO, “GDPR is wholly consistent with the inbound approach to business.” Art’s Cube follows these practices when developing email marketing and other digital marketing campaigns. Contact us today to set up a consultation.