5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for Your Business

5 Reasons Why SEO is Important for Your Business

Many business owners understand the importance of implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies for their website.  Others may have no idea what SEO involves. Some may be unconvinced that SEO is important for lead generation.

The facts are in: practicing basic SEO technics is producing quantifiable results in increasing organic traffic to one's website and this ultimately leads to higher conversions. 

Here are 5 reasons for developing and deploying an ongoing SEO strategy for any business looking to generate more leads.

1. Organic Search Results Provide High Search Traffic and More Conversions

After launching your website, how do you generate traffic to it? Many marketers and business owners run Google Ads to generate traffic. This is an important initial step, but isn't a longterm solution.  Here we optimize Google Ads to run during the best hours of the day when conversions are likely.

Organic SEO is important for the long game, but it doesn't entirely replace paid advertising. Having a healthy mix of both organic and paid is a great SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy.

Google searches account for more than 70% of all searches conducted on Internet search engines. This is because the algorithm that Google uses has proven more effective in connecting searchers (and their search intent) to the goods and services that they are seeking.


Creating original content that focuses on your business's services and/or products helps increase your website rankings. Inserting a focus keyword, and keywords relevant to that of your focus keyword in the body content, helps Google understand what your website is about. In the inbound methodology, these services should be your pillar pages.

Pillar pages broadly cover a particular topic, and cluster content should address a specific keyword related to that topic in-depth. For example, you might write a pillar page about content marketing -- a broad topic -- and a piece of cluster content about blogging -- a more specific keyword within the topic. Source - HubSpot

2. SEO is Cheaper to Maintain Than Paid

The Internet is flooded with content creators and writers. Using services like WriterAccess, ContentWriters, or Fiverr is relatively inexpensive and can provide you with relief from writing content on a daily basis. An in-house writer can be a great resource but can become very expensive.

Publishing unique content alongside a basic SEO strategy creates a long-lasting effect on your SEO. Those who want to maximize their marketing efforts through their website should regularly produce blog content and publish it at a cadence that makes sense for your business's schedule. For example, if you produce two blogs a month, you should pace the publishing and distribution of those articles every two weeks.

3. SEO is Measurable

Marketers in any industry must produce results to validate their strategies. Google Ads offers an automated way to measure ROI. But what about organic? With properly installed codes and goal triggers, you can measure your ROI from Google Analytics or CRMs (Customer Relationship Managers) like HubSpot.

After installing tracking codes, you can trace the conversion path back to the original source. Here you can measure how visitors are entering your website, what pages they visited, and where they turned into a lead.

Analyzing the journey of our visitors aids in optimizing your conversion paths and brings light to what content your target audience finds valuable.

4. Stay On Top Of Google's Ever-Evolving Algorithm

Google updates their algorithm 100s of times a year! Do you know what has changed, when it changes, or what is to come?

Google's most recent algorithm updates Deindexing Bug:

Google confirmed a bug that dropped pages from the search index around the weekend of April 5th. Moz data suggested drops on April 5th and 7th, with about 4% of stable URLs falling off of page one. Most sites recovered soon after. Source - Moz

Practicing SEO keeps you on top of their updates. If you aren't up to date, then neither is your website. Our SEO marketing wizards stay on top of this for our clients so they do not miss a beat.

5. Invest in The Long-Term SEO Strategy

SEO is an investment in the viability and sustainability of your business. It may not be easy, or an overnight miracle, but consistent SEO strategies pay off: your search rankings will improve steadily and show significant gains in 6 months to a year. Wise planning your SEO strategy for months out can alleviate concerns of growth for your company. Hesitation to get in the game, of course, costs you time and money because waiting six months puts you six months behind where you would be otherwise.

If your company is faced with budget constraints, producing unique content to your blog can lower the cost of customer acquisition. Keeping your content relevant and up-to-date will have an impact over the first year.

It's important to validate what's going on over time like measuring your rankings by utilizing independent tools like SeRanking, SEMRush, or Moz. These companies can help you accurately measure your keyword rankings, landing pages, and the effectiveness of your paid advertising. 

In Conclusion

SEO adds value to business owners and their efforts to market their companies.

Creating and deploying SEO strategies, focused on highly relevant content with focus keywords based on your product or service offerings, will improve your website visibility and functionality over the long haul.

Investments in creating content and optimizing your Google Ads will, over time, impact your lead generation and help you close more sales.

If you are looking to improve your search rankings and generate more online leads, contact our team of dedicated SEO specialists for a free consultation.