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Connecting Social Media Channels to HubSpot

Connecting the Facebook company page allows account managers to create social posts, create paid social campaigns, and analyze insights. All are important steps to your social media strategy.

HubSpot allows account managers to connect Facebook & Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Google+ is no longer available circa January 28th, 2019. You can learn more about Google+ here.

After your new client has added account managers as an admin or editor, you can now connect your social media accounts to HubSpot. Learn how to add new users to your Facebook company page here.

How to connect social media accounts to HubSpot:

  1. Login to your HubSpot portal
  2. Go to Marketing > Social
  3. In the top right click on the button Connect account
  4. Select the network to connect
  5. HubSpot will prompt you to login to the selected network to connect. It helps to be logged in to the account prior to this step.
  6. After logging in, HubSpot will notify you that the connection was successful.

Congrats! You can now create social post, schedule or post immediately, and analyze your social media insights right in HubSpot.