Google Is Offering Small Businesses Ads Credit

Google Is Offering Small Businesses Ads Credit

Google announced that it is pledging $340 million in ad credits to small and medium-sized businesses in response to COVID-19, as part of a more than $800M move.

This will be a big relief for small to medium-sized businesses across the globe. Google is also giving more than $240M in ad grants to the World Health Organization and other government organizations to help spread educational information on steps and procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to providing $340 million in ad credits, we’ve also set up a fund that will support NGOs and financial institutions around the world to help provide small businesses with access to capital. This is in addition to the $15 million in cash grants is already providing to nonprofits to help bridge these gaps for SMBs. We’re also providing $20 million in ad grants to community financial institutions specifically to run public service announcements on relief funds and other resources for SMBs. ~ Source

Who is eligible for the grant?

Small to medium-sized businesses that have been advertising on Google Ads or their partners since January 1, 2019 and who comply with all Google Ads T&Cs.

How will you know if you are eligible for the credits?

On the webpage specific to this grant program, Google explains that they are in the process of building these credits and will send out notifications once they have finalized this program.

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