PPC Advertising With Google Ads in The Shredding Industry

PPC Advertising For Shredding Companies with Google Ads

As a shredding service provider, getting in front of your target audience online and generating leads is one of your biggest challenges. Utilizing Google Ads can quickly and effectively drive searchers looking for shredding services should be a high priority when allocating funds in your marketing budget.

Search engine optimization for generating leads for your shredding company takes months, where Google Ads can attract and convert leads in days.

Shredding service providers all over the nation are transitioning their marketing efforts to the inbound method, but not totally in place of the traditional outbound method.

Selecting keywords for Google Ads

With Google Ads, as a business owner, you can bid on keywords searchers use to find your services on Google. For the shredding industry, these could be:

  • Shredding service
  • Document destruction
  • Shredding company in my area

It’s important to note that every market is different. And your customers in those different markets may use different keywords to find shredding services locally. A keyword like, shredding services, could have an average CPC (cost per click) of $10 in Denver but that same keyword could be $4.50 in Houston.

That higher CPC signifies that more competitors are bidding on that specific keyword in your market.

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What KPIs should you measure in your Google Ads?

When I speak with business owners in any industry, a big question is measuring the marketing results from your Google Ads. Is it average position, clicks, and CTR?

I routinely ask these business owners, what's the bottom line? If you have spent $500 driving traffic to you shredding website, how many of these clicks turned into leads or turned into customers? The metics most important to measuring your success are conversions, conversion rate, and cost per conversion.

  • Conversions:  We measure conversions by actions taken on your website that convert a visitor from a Google Ad. These can be the completion of a form on a landing page or a CTA with a click to call feature that lasts more than 30 seconds.
  • Conversion Rate: The conversion rate is how often these conversions happen. Basically, the rate at which visitors from Google Ads are converted into a lead.
  • Cost per Conversion: The cost per conversion is the total cost associated with generating that lead.

Strategies for Google Ads

It’s all about finding the keywords that are relative to your target audience in your specific market that converts your website visitors into leads. If you are running ads and see that the keyword shredding service produces a high cost per conversion but a low conversion rate, maybe bidding on this keyword is not the right approach.

But if you see that a keyword like, "local shredding company" has a low cost per conversion and a high conversion rate, this is the golden ticket.

Optimizing your Google Ads campaigns for keywords with a high conversion rate but a low cost per conversion will increase the effectiveness of your ads, increase the longevity of your budget and lower your lead cost per acquisition.

Tips for high cost keywords:

  1. Decrease your keyword bid adjustments during peak hours
  2. Only bid on keywords during non peak hours

Strategy for high cost per conversion keywords

For those high cost per conversion keywords, take the organic SEO approach. Use those keywords to generate blog posts, emails, and social posts that are linked back to your website’s pillar pages, landing pages, and other internal pages.

This is much cheaper than continually bidding on them, eating up your advertising budget.

Success in the shredding industry with Google Ads

With Google Ads management, we have been able to effectively increase the number of conversions (visitors from Google Ads that completed an action), increase the rate of conversions, and decrease the cost per conversion quarter over quarter.

We have effectively been able to drop one of our clients Google Ads average cost per conversion to under $24 and an average conversion rate around 15%.

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