SEO Journey Keyword Research

Tips for understanding your SEO Journey: Keyword Research

Every SEO Journey is different, but it's ideal to have some guidance. Understanding your keyword research not only helps improve your website health, but also makes it easier when the consumer is looking for your page.

What is the importance of Keyword Research?

The cornerstone of guiding your content has to start somewhere. While it is not easy, establishing your keywords will give you a sound base and will serve as a driving factor in your marketing future. Keep in mind that not all keywords are worth optimizing for, and it is vital to use the traffic volume and competition for the keyword as your guide to choosing your target keywords. When recognizing the traffic volume, it is crucial to keep in mind the length of your keywords. The search volume will always be lower for keywords with more words, but it will almost always be easier to rank higher. This strategy will pay off if you prioritize specific searchers but will not significantly increase your website traffic.

Using the proper tools for your Keyword Research

While many tools can be used to identify the best keywords for your site, it is essential that YOU understand keyword trends. Whether it be Bing, Google, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo, keyword trends significantly impact your traffic. Finding a tool that utilizes a keyword generator that will show you the trends throughout each year is a combination for success. While you are perusing the web, a helpful tool can offer you the monthly search volume and other keywords that are directly related to the keyword you are researching. This will directly impact the catalog of keywords you are using correctly and potentially increase the search volume you are marketing to by thousands of people per month.

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