Small Business SEO Made Easy: Digital Marketing 101

It's no secret that search engines are of paramount importance in the modern digital landscape. While the powers that be at Google are typically tight-lipped about annual queries, they admitted in 2016 to handling over 2 trillion searches per year, compared to just 1.2 trillion in 2012. Search engines are the first place we seek out information, and as such, whether we see content or not depends largely on how well it is optimized. Enter search engine optimization (SEO) — the chief means of getting the word out in an oversaturated digital market. It's possible for businesses of all sizes to reach desired audiences, but only with careful use of SEO. Read on to learn more about modern small business SEO — and how internet marketing services can pave the path to a more effective digital strategy.

SEO's Biggest Hurdles

SEO holds great potential for increasing website traffic, but also several significant challenges. The greatest roadblock may be the rapid pace of innovation. Search engine algorithms that dominated the internet just a few years ago have changed considerably. Small businesses that fail to update their strategy accordingly risk digital irrelevance.

If one generalization can be made about SEO's recent evolution, it's that quality is more important than ever. This poses a considerable challenge to companies with limited time, money, and talent. It's no longer enough to put up a slapdash website littered with keywords and random links; today's content needs to be strategically developed in keeping with discerning users. Content needs to provide tangible value, but this type of content takes time and effort to craft — resources that may be in short supply for the average small business. These challenges can be overcome, but increasingly, small businesses rely on local search services from digital marketing firms.

Best SEO Practices

Given the myriad of challenges present in small business digital marketing, you may feel completely hopeless about ever making your mark online. Don't give up! Effective SEO is well within reach, but you may require digital marketing services from a small business SEO company. Ultimately, however, knowledge will prove your greatest asset. The better you understand your audience and what, exactly, they want, the better you can appeal to those most likely to convert.

In addition to knowing what your audience wants, it's important to determine what Google wants. Keep in mind, of course, that the winning formula for digital content has changed dramatically over the years and will likely continue to evolve. Keyword stuffing is no longer the name of the game; rather, keywords must be cleverly integrated into fully fleshed-out content that provides actual value to your audience. Generating backlinks is also important, but again, it must be done strategically. Begin with quality content and move on to relationship building. The right connections can garner valuable backlinks, which will dramatically improve your standing on Google.

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