Why you might think marketing agencies suck!

Why you might think marketing agencies suck!

Over the past decade, I’ve spoken with hundreds of business owners and decision-makers who do not trust marketing agencies. We explore the top five reasons why and address other major issues in the digital marketing world.

Top reasons why businesses do not trust agencies:
1. You don’t understand the cost structure

2. Lack of transparency
3. Horrible follow up
4. Always working with someone different
5. They don’t understand my [business] industry (I don’t agree with this one)

At Art's Cube, we believe in providing Inbound Marketing that works for you, shows results, and with accurate and transparent reporting.  Want to learn why we don't suck?

Cost structure

A lot of agencies combine all fees and pass-through costs into one fee every month. For example, the management fee for advertising and actual cost are combined; or unreasonable markups when utilizing sub-contractors for specialty projects.

Lack of transparency

If the agency you are using is still reporting with spreadsheets, Google Visual Studio, or any tool that is generated based on user input - RUN AWAY! The primary reason agencies go this route - fluffing the numbers.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are times when spreadsheets are needed to merge data and analyze from various sources, but they must be able to show how they arrived at their conclusion.

Horrible follow up

No matter who you are working with, it’s nice when you feel like a top priority and you are not having to chase down answers.

Always working with someone different or no one at all

Speaking to a live person and getting stuck in the automated system is standard practice today. It’s horrible. Make sure the agency gives you the same amount of attention after signing the contract as they did during the sales process.

They don’t understand your industry

Digital marketing is not about a specific industry and if the agency has experience in the industry. It’s about understanding the pain points of the business owner, identifying the tools necessary to solve the problem, training, and maintenance.

Additionally, marketing has become a data-driven profession that no longer uses “gut feelings” to make a decision. Every interaction a web visitor makes can be tracked and targeted through strategic planning. Therefore, you need to focus on an agency's ability to analyze data, develop a plan, and execute - plus deliver results.

Final thoughts

As the managing partner of Art’s Cube, it really frustrates me because we get lumped into this bucket as well. But, I don’t blame business owners because I agree with them after reviewing countless proposals, reports, and invoices from various agencies.

Our goal is to change the industry by continuing to provide personalized experiences, high touches, and clear communication. Which ensures both of our businesses succeed.