5 Ways To Ask Your Customers For Positive Google Reviews

5 Ways To Ask Your Customers For Positive Google Reviews

Do you want to ask your customers for Google Reviews but not sure where to start?

Don’t worry, asking is easier than you think!

In today’s digital world, Google Reviews play a huge role in the search algorithm as well as an influence for your target audience to purchase from you.  Placing a focus on increasing your Google Reviews in the coming year should be a top priority.

The goal is to increase the number of reviews you have for your business, without leaving quality in the dust.  Many companies aren’t implementing a process that mitigates the risk of customers leaving a negative review.  

Here, I’ll show you a number of ways to increase your positive reviews.

Pick Up The Phone And Ask

Most people appreciate a simple phone call where the person on the other end asks how everything is going.  We preach personalization on landing pages, emails, and social posts for our clients.

One of the easiest ways to get personal with your customers is to call and simply ask them how their experience went with your company.  

Here is an example:

Say Bob with Company A decided to go with your company and used you for a shredding service.  The driver showed up, completed the shredding job, gave a certificate of destruction, and left.  Wouldn’t you like to know how the service went?

Give Bob a call.  Ask him how the service went.

If he says, “Everything went great!”  That’s the perfect time to ask for a Google Review.  If he says yes, here is you chance to either send him to your Google Review listing or ask him to go online and find your listing.

Send A Direct Link Via Email

Google My Business makes it easy to send your customers a link directly to your Google My Business listing where they can leave a review.  Having an email template ready to go is the easiest way to consistently ask for reviews and also allow for some split testing.

You can also manually write a personalized email with a direct link to your listing to your customer.  Either way will work.

Need help finding your Google Reviews link in Google My Business?

Invoices Or Payment Portal

Assuming you charge a fee for your services or products, your customers will likely get an invoice after they make their payment.  In many cases, your invoice will be digital.  You can add in the same direct link you would put in a personalized email directly in your invoice.

If you use paper invoices still, you can also update your invoice template to include the vanity url directly in your invoices.

If they pay, they’re more than likely happy with your product or service. 

Make sure it is clear and visible on the invoice with a call-to-action to leave a 5 star review on Google.

Thank You Pages

This process works best for those organizations that sell products online.  Asking for a review on how the experience with the company went immediately after the purchase is an excellent solution.

If you use a system that can use automation after a form is submitted, you can produce a landing page that has a direct link to your GMB listing.

Keep It Simple And Automate The Process

This process makes it easy to gain Google Reviews without having to do a lot of work.  But it also allows for unhappy customers to leave reviews on Google.  Not that they can’t already, but you’re providing a direct link for them to do so.

If you are using a CRM with an automation system, developing an email with personalization and a direct link to your Google My Business listing is easy.

Here are the steps:

  1. Create an email that is personalized with the contacts name, service, and other bits of information. 
  2. Create a workflow that automatically sends the email to the customer after the product is delivered or service is complete.

**Note: you may need to create custom properties in your CRM in order to do this process.

In Conclusion

Don’t be afraid to ask you customers for feedback.  In a recent study, 76% of consumers are willing to leave a review for a company they had a positive experience with.

If you need help developing a Google Reviews process, reach out to us!  We will be happy to help.