Small Business Marketing 101

Navigating a small business can be tricky. There are internal and external elements that play a role in the company’s infrastructure, performance, and brand identity. Getting a small business to the point where they can be sustainable is key. That means understanding the challenges they face and having a plan in place to overcome them. In any business, there are certain obstacles that hinder growth. Before you get to that point, it’s important to determine what you want to accomplish, where you want the business to go, who will be a part of that strategy, are you equipped with the right tools, do you have a timeline in place? What are your costs? Taking the time to define your goals to have a clear path will help you determine whether you succeed or fail.

Small Business Marketing Ideas

Knowing how to properly execute effective small business marketing ideas is key. Whether the management team decides to find a social media marketing agency, or have the team take courses in digital marketing for small business, how you are viewed in the online space makes a difference. Employing the online channels where customers engage is vital. Having a website, being present on social media, being able to be found on search engines, using email, and mobile apps all play a specific role in increasing your visibility and getting your business noticed. Your objective is to attract, convert, close, and delight. These online channels can help you achieve that goal.

The Right Marketing for Small Business

Marketing companies for small business can help steer you in the right direction. It’s important to understand the different types of marketing that will connect you to your customers:


Traditional marketing is the tried and true tactics of marketers and advertising agencies, such as print (newspapers, brochures, billboards and magazines), broadcast (radio, TV), direct mail (catalogs, flyers), and telemarketing (cold calling).


Digital marketing is anything dealing with technology, such as automated billboards, advertising you see on your phone, ads that pop up when you visit a website, etc. Think "Google Ads."


Social marketing encompasses those ads you see on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social channels. You usually see these on the side on Facebook, or while scrolling through Instagram you will see the ad indicated as "sponsored."


Businesses use advertising to get their message out. You can do this by sponsoring an event or running a full-length advertising campaign. When running an ad campaign, digital marketing should always be an effective part of that strategy.

Contact Art's Cube

Small business digital marketing agencies can assist with developing an effective strategy that will connect with potential and current customers for the best results. Arts’ Cube offers solutions that range from strategy to analytics. Allocating the right dollars to your efforts is key. We help design, develop and deploy the best tactics for tangible traction. Knowing how to utilize these resources and have them work to your benefit can provide the exposure you need. At Arts’ Cube, we make the difference. For more information, contact a team member at Arts’ Cube today!