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Marketing 101: Content Creation

“Content is King,” the first commandment of the marketing bible and the very foundation on which brands are built. Sure, it sounds simple enough, but we as consumers all know there is a vast difference between quality and poor content. Not all content is created equal and as technology has progressed, so has the number of channels and formats in which content can be created and disseminated.

This has led to not only an influx of content but also a wide range in what is considered to be quality or effective content. Now we could talk all day about the meta of content, where it came from, and where it is going, but today, we are focusing on generating quality web content for your brand.

While there is no magic formula to creating perfect content, here at Art’s Cube we have developed a three-step process to create content for our wide range of clients. From pest control and e-commerce to document destruction and legal services, we have spent countless hours creating content for all sorts of different audiences in a variety of markets.

Step One: BrainStorm

To create content, you have to start with the foundation: ideation. We like to call it brainstorming because it sounds edgier, but the main idea is there are no bad ideas—additionally, the more people involved in this process, the better. The age-old tale that too many cooks ruin the soup had no place in the world of content creation. We, as marketers, have to keep the diversity of our audiences in mind, and the better your team’s creativity reflects your community and your audience, the better.

So, where does ideation begin? There’s no need to try and set out and revolutionize your industry on day one. Instead, start with low-hanging fruit, the pain points that affect your clients directly, and create educational and informative content surrounding that specific problem for your audience. A great way to get a jumping-off point for your industry is to start with a simple Google search and see what your audience is looking for. Keyword research goes a long way in the content creation game as it will provide further insight into your audience and serve as inspiration for other related content.

Step Two: Form

Now that you have your content plan, it is time to formulate the content itself. The formulation is the second R&D step before publication. Composing the content requires an intimate knowledge of your target audience and how they consume their content. The formulation stage takes the baby steps of brainstorming and creates a concrete piece of content. This is when the real questions start to fly:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • Where are they in the buyer’s journey?
  • Who is going to create this content?
  • Will I need to outsource videography or photography or any other skills?
  • How much is this going to cost?
  • Is this content appropriate and timely?
  • Does this content build into my overall content strategy and marketing plan?


A majority of this information is divulged through A/B testing of content in a variety of forms and channels. For example, a thirty-second video will perform better through social media than your emailing list. A/B testing is the second commandment of the marketing bible, and the more data you have and the more trials you run, the better understanding you have of your audience. Thus, building into your content strategy and making future content substantially more efficient.

Step Three: Perform & Analyze

Step three is the so-called crescendo of the content creation game. Time to publish and put your content out into the world for everyone to see. It should be exciting, nerve-wracking, and satisfying all simultaneously. Where you are in your content journey will significantly influence your publishing experience.

For those just setting out, you are playing a targeted game of darts and seeing where you can find big and small successes. For those content veterans, you are shooting fish in a barrel with one hand tied behind your back. You have been collecting demographic data and A/B testing with the best of them, which ultimately leads you to hyper-targeted, SEO-friendly, informative content for your prospects and customers.

No matter where you are in your content creation journey, the critical thing to remember is that every inkling of data is essential. It is imperative to continuously improve your future and past content with the new information that comes in every day. Content creation is a fluid process, and your data is your ace in the hole when it comes to creating quality targeted content that provides real value to your audience. If you have a hard time starting your content creation process or need help with a massive backlog of stale content, feel free to reach out to Art’s Cube.

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We certainly didn’t write the marketing bible but we have spent a decade studying it. When it comes to the content game, the team at Art’s Cube has a treasure trove of knowledge.