10 SEO Hacks To Improve Your Shredding Company Website

10 SEO Hacks To Improve Your Shredding Company Website

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is incredibly important for your shredding company's website to rank high on the Google search results.

Question is, are you currently optimizing your website for search terms your target audience is actively searching on Google?

10 Easy SEO Hacks

1. Clean up broken links

Have you ever clicked on a link that went to a 404 page or nowhere?  Frustrating would be the word to describe this situation.  Plus it decreases your trust in that website...

Using a tool like SeRanking or SEM Rush, to find broken links on your website can make a big difference when the bots are scanning your website.

2. Check those alt tags

All those images you have on your website have something called an alt tag.  That tag is how search engines understand what the image is about.  We know that many believe that there is someone at Google who views the image and then creates a name, but it is on you to help search engines and people understand what the photo is about.

3. Include your focus keyword in your site title

If you are reading this article, you're more than likely a part of a shredding company or another in information security.  Finding the right keyword that your target audience is actively searching for + your brand name gives search engines a better understanding of what your site is all about.

Understanding the focus keywords based on the services and/or products you provide to your customers is a critical component of performing top-notch SEO on your site.  Do some research by using SeRanking or SEM Rush to find relevant keywords to use.

4. Create a blog

Google and other search engines like fresh content, published regularly, and informative to your visitors based on the topics you claim to be an expert at.  One super-easy way to produce and publish fresh new content to the web is by hosting a blog.

You can do this easily if you host your site on WordPress, HubSpot CMS, or other popular website platforms.  After you do your research on relevant search terms based on your services, take your knowledge and put it out there for the world to see.  

5. Create videos (just use your cell phone)

Video content is incredibly popular today.  Brands that produce videos and publish on social media or their website will spend 88% more time on that brand's platform than those that just have images.

Engagement is a key factor for search engines to accurately rank your website.  

Don't be afraid to take videos with your phones if your budget doesn't allow for high-end video content.

6. Share your content

Those blogs and videos that I just spoke about the need to have views and readers to be considered worthy content.  Sharing those videos on your social channels, email campaigns, and on your website puts your content in direct contact with your audience.

Posting your content to social media can influence your rankings by:

  • Increases the lifespan of your posts
  • Improve visibility
  • Enhance brand reputation
  • Boosts local SEO


7. Clean up the content on your webpages

Finding and fixing broken links on your website is one way to clean up your web pages.  But going through and making sure that your web pages are structured correctly makes it easier for visitors and search engines or understand what your website is about.

Make sure that your images are sized correctly, fonts and color are congruent, and also your links are going to the right places makes a big difference.

8. Optimize your meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are a fundamental factor in a well-performing website SEO strategy.  Remember those focus keywords I talked about earlier in this article, use those in your meta description.

Writing like a human is key here.  Make sure that you aren't keyword stuffing, but actually making sense with the keywords for what a specific page is about.  You only have 160 characters, so make it count.

9. Optimize images

Adding proper alt tags that are based on your focus keyword for a specific page is the start of optimizing images.  But what about the dimensions?

Having images that are huge file sizes can dramatically slow down your website's speed and hurt your online rankings.  Go through your images and resize them to optimal sizes that allow for faster loading speeds.

10. Build your Google Reviews

Fun fact, a recent study shows that the Google search algorithm accounts for 15% of how Google ranks a local business.  Focus on reviews!

We routinely implement a Google review process for our clients and highly recommend at least putting in a system for your shredding organization to increase your reviews on Google.

If you want to learn how we have gained hundreds of 5 Star Google Reviews for our clients, reach out to us, we'd be happy to help you get started. 


SEO is tough, time-consuming, and incredibly important to the health and productivity of your website.  Get started with these easy-to-manage and implement steps to start increasing your shredding company's online visibility.

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